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EarlySense to Accelerate Growth in Remote Patient Monitoring Sector With Sale of Contact-Free Monitoring Technology To Hillrom

Continuous monitoring improves patient safety

from SNF1

reduced 19% arrow image pointing downward

number of
patient falls1

reduced 47% arrow image pointing downward

number of
pressure ulcers2

reduced 64% arrow image pointing downward

Early Detection Enables Early Intervention

Heart Rate. Respiratory Rate. Motion.

Detect Deterioration

Continuous monitoring of heart rate and respiratory rate allow opportunities for early intervention.

Prevent Falls

Designed to allow the fastest way to the patient.

Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Automatic motion analysis assists clinicians in identifying patients at high risk for pressure ulcers.

Continuous Monitoring Products Across the Care Continuum

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Home Products

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Post-Acute Products

Contact-free patient monitoring that helps reduce rehospitalizations, falls, and pressure ulcers

  • Hillrom buys medical monitoring tech from EarlySense

    Hillrom is paying EarlySense $30 million, potential milestone payments, and a portion of Hillrom's equity investment in EarlySense.

  • Earlysense sells its intellectual property rights for $30 million

    Company's technology can be used to treat patients and hospitalize them at home. As part of deal, it setback Hillrom from primary to secondary shareholder

  • Connected Medical Monitoring Devices Are Changing Telemedicine for Good

Why Make Continuous Monitoring a Priority?

Interested in How EarlySense Can Bring Continuous Monitoring to Your Facility?

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