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Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring Solutions

Helping clinicians prevent adverse events across the care continuum

Image of steps for poractively managing patients which are Continuous HR & RR Monitoring plus Trend Indication and Early Detection and Early Intervention and Improved Patient & Financial Results

Proactively manage patients, intervene earlier and improve outcomes and financial results.

Used by hospitals and post-acute providers around the globe, the EarlySense system helps clinicians continuously monitor their patients, potentially allowing them to detect adverse events before they happen, enabling earlier intervention and the saving of lives.

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Hospital Products

Continuous monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion empowers earlier intervention by providing real-time vital sign information and trends outside of the ICU, contributing to early detection of patient deterioration, fall prevention, and pressure ulcer prevention.

Clinical Outcomes

  • LOS reduction—45% reduction in ICU LOS from med-surg transfers 1
  • 86% reduction in the number of code blue events1
  • 9% reduction in overall LOS1
  • Enhanced Patient Safety—47% Reduction in number of patient falls2
  • 75% Reduction in number of pressure ulcers3
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Post-Acute Products

Increase quality of care and prevent re-hospitalizations using a contact-free sensor, with no audible alarms in the resident’s room.

Clinical Outcomes

  • 19% reduction in readmission back to the hospital2
  • Enhanced Patient Safety—47% Reduction in number of patient falls2
  • 75% Reduction in number of pressure ulcers3
  • Increased Nurse Efficiency
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Our sensor has been proven to decrease hospital readmissions by 19%2 through the reduction of falls, prevention of pressure ulcers, and reduction in adverse events.

Matt Johnson, CEO

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Continuous Monitoring is
Becoming the Standard of Care.
Earlier Detection – Earlier Intervention

1 Brown, HV et al, The American Journal of Medicine. 2014; 127:226-232

2 ZJ Palace, G. Mendelson, MF Thaler, A. Margel. "The Effect of a Continuous Patient Monitoring System on Reducing Falls and Hospitalization in Skilled Nursing Facilities."

3 Zimlichman, E et al, ATS. May 2012